Want to get involved and start a charter as a Kaitiaki (Guardian). This involves creating an unincorporated charter in your area with a unique name.  Sharing your knowledge with other 'transitioning suv'erans' and building your charter up to 7 Unincorporated Private Foundations with your collective.  You will also be required to apply for a Charter Seal.

What does it mean to have a Charter ?

A Charter (unincorporated) is a location (five acres) for live life claimants to moor/anchor their vessel on the land, having returned on the sea lane, from being lost at sea; to being alive on the land. The Charter is a group of suv'erans who act together in a common enterprise and for a common purpose and interests, such as; lores/laws; lands, claims, governance, wellbeing, foundations, families etc. It is not registered in the government system -[It’s the opposite of a council]. Charter Mentoring $299.


The Kaitiaki means private natural men and women who are committed to the purpose of the charter, the private foundations and its suv'erans. The Kaitiaki (unincorporated) is the live life claimant that initiated the Charter. It is strictly a Kaitiaki role. The kaitiaki of the charter can change if the Kaitiaki has vacated the charter. The residing charter live life claimants would hold a meeting and pass special resolutions to nominate another kaitiaki for the role. The minutes would be sent to the Crown of the Mauri Nation Administrator to change the record.

Charter Authority

The Charter Authority derives from He wakaputanga o te Rangatira o Nu Tireni 1835 and Te Tiriti o Waitangi, brought forth in Letters Patent 1st February 2021 by Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III.

Rights to Land

Rangatira, Ariki and Law Makers (We the People) are still holding the rights and titles to every square inch of land in the Aotearoha - Earth of Love -New Zealand. What has been bought and sold is the “real estate,” the equitable interest to property — to the buildings, improvements, equipment that occupies the space above the land, not the land itself.
Rangatira, Ariki and Law Makers (We the People) must reclaim what is ours (and return it back to the native Native-Tribal suv’erans, nationals and charters). Land claims can only be made by live life claimants, not persons.

Rights and title to land is well established in law. All you need to do in law is to prove that “Your Name” is an heir or assign to the original Declaration and Treaty - He wakaputanga o te Rangatira o Nu Tireni 1835 and Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840. Land Is Granted via Letters Patent, Not Bought And Sold. To grant is to give freely, not to purchase.

Private Foundations (unincorporated)

Each charter must aspire to seven private foundations. The primary purpose and objectives of a Private Foundation is to provide benevolent and philanthropic services to the community and to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate sustainable projects. The Private Foundation applies equally to providing a service or product to all of humanity and the general public globally, irrespective of colour, nationality, creed, religion or gender. 

A Private Foundation (unincorporated) is private, philanthropic, humanitarian, community service, tax-exempt, not for profit. It is not registered in the government system - [It’s the opposite of a corporate business]. The structure of the roles will only ever be Principal, Participant, Volunteer for doing private business.  Private Foundation mentoring $299.

Charter Package includes:

  1. Mentoring & Articles of Association $299
  2. Letters Patent for the Charter $69.99
  3. Personal Seal, Charter Seal & Notary Seal $160 each
  4. Gold Seals (60) $25
  5. Charter Website $399


  1. Assist other suv'erans with their live life claims
  2. 50 Live Life Claimants
  3. 7 Private Foundations (minimum)
  4.  Notary Services
  5. Assist with amendment of laws for Te Whare Runanga (Parliament)
  6. Manage assembly and report to Te Whare Runanga (Parliament)


  1. Everything you learn and do is outside of the government incorporated system
  2. Become a Kaitiaki of a Charter through your bloodlines
  3. Become a Notary for your Charter
  4. Get contribtions for your services
  5. Be the Law maker and assist with amendment of Laws
  6. Be mentored to become a mentor
  7. Access to private charter zooms


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