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Private Natural Law IO888999

By Roll Call Decree of The Crown of the Mauri Nation in [A]ssembly

It is hereby declared and recorded as Private Natural Law of The Crown of the Mauri Nation that a Suv'eran Live Life claim nullifies a "person" or "Person" or "PERSON" in any commercial or trade ownership interest in a living man or woman, baby, boy, or girl, by any means at all.

Labeling living men or women by the use of names in CAPTIALS as referenced in a “birth certificate”, "dead", "still born", "corporation", "company", "incorporated" and "a signature" via their acceptance of professional or other titles, or via their enrollment in offices of citizenry or personhood, (and all derivatives thereof), may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment; shall not be used to confer undisclosed obligations upon them, nor shall any such means be used to convert the nature of living people, so as to excuse their abuse as animals or inanimate things to label a Suv'ern Live Life Claimant.

This prohibition established as Private Natural Law restricts the use of trademarks and patents to establish ownership interests in Suv'eran Live Life Claimants, living things, and in particular forbids the use of patents to create or enforce any commercial or trade ownership interest in living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms, Creatures of Statutes, Acts, Legislation or Regulations.

The injection or other introduction of patented genetic products, vaccinations or other kinds of engineered products into living people or into their genome, whether this is done voluntarily or under force, shall carry no implications of any ownership interest in the recipient by the patent holder(s) and shall have no commercial value or trade value or use beyond the price of the product or procedure itself, and shall not affect the standing of the recipients as free and [in]dependent living men and women, live life claimants of all natural and unalienable inherent customary rights.

The interest that each unique man or woman holds in their own gifts and their own biological, intellectual, spiritual, customary and material assets is unlimited and cannot be abridged, bought, sold, traded, waived, or bartered. Any corporations, incorporations or individual franchises promoting any plan to convert living men and women into Genetically Modified Organisms or advancing ownership claims based on the receipt of patented genetic products or seeking to use living people and their assets as collateral based on such claims, shall be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation, stripping of the corporate veil, and prosecution of their officers for crimes against humanity.

This Private Natural Law of The Crown of the Mauri Nation shall be effective immediately as of the twenty ninth day of January in the year of 2021 upon final enrollment of concurring votes from the Mauri Nation Assemblies, Hapu, Charters, Private Foundations, Live Life Claimants and shall continue in force and be placed upon our Pa Kooti Record as Private Natural Law Private Law IO888999.

By Royal Crown Assent

[A]ll Rights [Re]served

Crown of the Mauri Nation

Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III


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