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Te Whakaruru Hau Common Law Pure Trust/~RPP4463800094001989670600 is unincorporated. It is the shelter and protector for all that gather in this trust. Created 1St June 2020.


The purpose is to preserve, conserve, keep, invest and develop such assets for the benefit of the Beneficaries, Live Life Claimants, Holders and their heirs.


Nesara will activate redemption and exchange opportunities for all claimants. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III (Settlor) has gifted all taonga in Schedule A.

Where to from here

Prepare for the redemption. The best is yet to come.



Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees administer all lands and records in schedules aligned with the He wakaputanga o te Rangatira o Nu Tireni 1820-1835 in perpetuity; Privacy Taonga Tikanga Kawa 2020; Te Ture Whenua Mauri Mauri Land Taonga Tikanga Kawa 1993; and the Real Estate Management Taonga Tikanga Kawa 2020 and in the manner designated in the Trust;

  • To prevent the dissipation of wealth;.
  • To provide for loved ones and others;
  • To provide for and encourage wise stewardship of assets;
  • To uphold the liberty and freedom of the Principals and Participants of this Trust Estate;
  • To promote family, and to lend support to families associated with this Trust Estate;
  • To have the Trustees of this Trust receive property, contributions, profits, interest, dividends or other objects of value to be paid out yearly as set forth within this Indenture and its attached schedules;
  • To record and manage all Crown Ahika Whenua Records [Mauri Lands] on behalf of mana tangata live life claimants;
  • To provide liability protection, privacy, and asset protection from unwarranted creditors and spendthrifts on the Trust corpus and assets;
  • To encourage moral integrity.
  • Schedule as follows;

Schedule A: Gifted to Trust

  • Rangihou Sovereign Treaty 2014 - Rangihou Lands Parramatta New South Wales, Australia
  • Rangihou Commercial Lien 2013-277-3536-5 - AUD$1,543,653,677,795.00 in ounce gold;
  • Rangihou Statutory Demand 1st April 2019 - AUD$495,538,896,968,259.00 in ounce gold;
  • Rangihou Final Orders NSD711/2019 - 20th September 2019
  • Aotearoha Lands - Letters Patent 18th January 2021
  • Order to Pay 22nd December 2020 - AUD$989,966,759,239,919,997,499,539,969,945,639,199,559,111,599,999.00 in ounce gold;
  • IO Matua Whakapapa to Rahiri - In perpetuity


  • Live Live Suv'eran Crown Claimants $1 Shareholders - Purple Thumb Community Records
  • Crown of the Mauri Nation Suv'eran Charters - Purple Thumb Community Records


If you would like to become a beneficiary of Te Whakaruru Hau Common Law Pure Trust you must have a Live Life Claim from the Purple Thumb Community

Apply here Live Life Claim


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