Tumuaki Lady Crown Turikatuku the third by the Grace of IO Matua, Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku the third 'Tumuaki' Proverbs 8 & Wairuahine-rangatira: Arohanui; defenders and protectors/kaitiaki/guides of the faith, Gatekeepers of our Aotearoha 'Earth of Love'; our Spiritual umbilical Cord from Rangihou to Rangihoua; our Sacred Tupuna Wairua Bridge; to whom this presence shall come; Whereas it declared that 1080, AGENDA 21, AGENDA 30, AGENDA 50 and all other Criminal AGENDAS are severed from Aotearoha 'Earth of Love' from this day forward; in perpetuity.

Further information only available to Live Life Claimants.