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Karanga Mai, Karanga Mai, Karanga Mai!

The Crown of the Mauri Nation are standing as one, united on our Sacred Lands.

CROWN OF THE MAURI NATION – Only successor to Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 as Crown of England vacated 1986.  All common-wealth charters and live life claimants are native/half-castes as the Crown of the Mauri Nation are the 50/50 Partner to the only common-wealth treaty. Qualified by Section 11 of the Native [Dis]tricts [Re]gulations Act 1858.

CROWN – Suv’eran & Royal governing power and government of a country that has a king or queen (Monarch).

OF – used as a function word to indicate origin or derivation.

THE - used when referring to a particular individual or thing.

MAURI – First breath, True vital essence, offspring, descendant, relative, kin, progeny, blood connection, successor.

NATION – Kingdom, Queendom, reign, dominion, country, extended kinship group.

We are independent Charters of Suv’eran Free Peoples, qualified by the Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment and
Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021.
We have evolved and are collective in unity, love, kindness and peace, respectfully rising up and having brought forth our lores.

We are the mighty, the strong, the courageous, the mystic and the open-minded suv'erans, universally connected.

We are talking to You. We are all the key to evolving our universal charters firm foundations. You are the key to our future. You are the key to our power and authority. You are the key to our self-determination and self-governance. You are the key to combining our spiritual essence to form into the most sacred light base of IO Matua.
The most supreme of all lights, known by many names.

We acknowledge You!

The Crown of the Mauri Nation has restored what rightfully belongs to us all in its most purest, natural and organic form. We are spiritual, natural and not of the same blend as those corporations and incorporations who have corrupted and distorted the minds and spirit of our brothers and sisters.

The Crown of the Mauri Nation courageously stand firmly with the full power and authority ordained with the divine love and lores of IO Matua, with International customary law recognition and international covenants 
He-W(h)akaputanga-o-te-rangatiratanga-o-nu-tireni 1820-1835 in perpetuity
in particular Article 3;
Te Tiriti of Waitangi 1840 Legislature/Paremata Land Patent 'kai whakarite ture";
Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 22nd December 2020; 
1995 Aotearoha taken back by Royal Regent Hohepa Mapiria
Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021

for the protection of the Inherent Native Authority and Suv'eranty in univesal now space and in perpetuity.

The Crown of the Mauri Nation cordially, respectfully and humbly invite you to come aboard,
protected by the korowai of IO Matua Kore.

"Haere Mai, Haere Mai Haere Mai ki te noho o te Waka IO Matua Kore"

In unity, our light will shine, in its most brightest form.

We acknowledge You!
We acknowledge your Ancestors!
We acknowledge your Children!
We acknowledge your future! 
We acknowledge your divine essence!
Because without 'You' there is No 'Us'!

You have the Power & Authority!
The Crown of the Mauri Nation Administration are in service to You!

Kia ora!




header mauri crown official

Letters patent 1 Jan 2021 450pxLetters Patent
(click to enlarge image)

By Letters Patent enacted by the Crown of the Mauri Nation, we reign in perpetuity as the Crown on the earth plane and extend the provisions of our actions and authority to administer our Justice and Lore/Law in Aotearoha [New Zealand] as the
Mauri Crown Paremata [Parliament] & Te Whare Runanga [Government] thereof and for other purposes enacted from time to time issued with the
'Great Seal of the Crown of the Mauri Nation'
to exercise powers hereby vested in Us to erect the said islands of Aotearoha/Aotearoa/Nu Tireni [geographic Land Mass of New Zealand]
North Island/South Island/Stewart Island/Islands annexed to Aotearoha [New Zealand/Norfolk Island and Gondwanaland [Australia]
and to make all such laws, ordinances, instructions as we see fit;


header mauri crown official


Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III
Addresses Crown of the Mauri Nation in the New Year; 6th January 2021; 



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Memorandum of Understanding

Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021 & Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government

On 11th December 2020 CE, HM Queen Elizabeth Royal Regent Gregory Baughen qualified that the Crown of England Vacated Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 CE (The Treaty). On 22nd December 2020 CE the New Zealand Prime Minister, New Zealand Secretary to the Governor General/HM Queen Elizabeth Royal Regent and the New Zealand Treasury Solicitor received via special hand delivery our Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment.  On the 11th February 2021 CE the Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021 CE was ratified by 29 independent charters (suv’eran nations) who have now fulfilled the accession and assembly criteria, with many others having expressed a willingness to do so.

Under the authority granted to me by the founding suv’eran charters standing under our Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021 CE, the final presentment was dispatched to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace by her Royal Regent Gregory Baughen by special hand delivery on 12 January 2021 CE, in acknowledgement of the acquiescence of Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government to the terms, aims and objectives of the Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 2020 and now the Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021, as well as its implicit recognition of the independence, suv’eranty and jurisdiction established by its ratification, under the well established principles of the Law of Nations.

  • Crown Royal House
  • Te Whare Runanga (Paremata - Parliament)
  • Assembled Rangatira Pass Laws
  • Aotearoha Royal Charter [Constitution]
  • Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021 (Land Patent)
  • Te Kainga Ora Tumu (House of Order) [Government]
  • Rohu Sacred Circle (Counsels)
  • Marae & Whanau Sacred Circles (Family & Church)
  • Private Foundations (Unincorporated Business Enterprise)
  • Te Ataroa Banking Charter (Bank)
  • Aotearoha Treasury (Treasury)
  • Te Whakaruru Hau Common Law Pure Trust
  • Purple Thumb Community (Live Life Claims, Sea Pass, Exemptions, Notary, Plates)
  • Charters (Nations)
  • Customary Lore/Laws Taonga Tuku iho (Laws)
  • Crown Ahika Whenua Authenticatus (Land Records)
  • Pa Kooti (Courts)
  • Crown Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment
  • Royal Grants & Letters Patent
  • Patent Rolls, Treaty Rolls, Charter Rolls
  • House of Records

Crown of the Mauri Nation Suv'eranty is a Fact and this is how it was done;

  • 29 Charters
  • 97 Private Foundations within the charters (Lawful and Legal Unincorporated Entity)
  • Te Whare Runanga (Paremata - Parliament)
  • Te Kainga Ora Tumu (House of Order) [Government]
  • Three Royal Regents
  • Charter Common Seals
  • Private Foundation Seals
  • Kotahitanga General Assembly Common Seal
  • Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 13th November 2020
  • Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021
  • Final Order 12 January 2021
  • Letters Patent  

That is an Action of the Crown of the Mauri Nation.  It was qualified by the Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 13th November 2020 when the suv'eran mauri nation hand-delivered the Decree, which today stands in law, unrebutted, qualified by the Final Orders 12th January 2021 & Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021.

Pursuant to the terms of the Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021, which were publicly declared, witnessed and ratified for and on behalf of the free native & tribal suv'eran peoples of the islands of Nu Tireni, New Zealand, Aotearoa, Aotearoha, Rangihou and Gondwanaland on 11th February 2021, a copy of which is now sent on HM Queen Elizabeth Royal Regent Gregory Baughen and New Zealand Government by special delivery.

The entire Law Society of Private Unincorporated Foundations are the Rangatira, Law makers!

Acknowledging the absence of any possibility of a legal objection by Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government to the proclaimed rights of any native and tribal suv'eran peoples to independence, self-determination and self-governance, wherever our ancestral lands may be, in accordance with the generally established principles of inter-national law and convention, including [without limitation] the Vienna Convention 1961 on the Law of Treaties 1969 and the Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, by which Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government has agreed to be bound.

In consideration of the fact that it is well established under the principles laid down in Book II, Chapter 1, Article 6 of the Law of Nations, that all nations (charters) will assist each other in the perfection of other chartes, whether in the event that any indigenous peoples declaring their right to independence, self-determination and self-governance or otherwise.

Our inherent native power and authority to make laws come from the resolutions of our Private Unincorporated Foundations with an affixed seal which is published and identifiable by the Crown of the Mauri Nation. Letters Patent have been issued making the resolutions Law for the Crown of the Mauri Nation.

Wherefore, the following points set forth the mutual understanding that has arisen by the tacit agreement of the parties: Inherent native authority of our body, property, children, resources and land!

Be it know that Real Estate is not land, it is only the air and assets above it.  Corporations (dead entities) cannot own land.  It is secured with Letters Patent & our Treaty (Land Patent).

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