Tumuaki Lady Crown Turikatuku III by the Grace of IO Matua, Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku the third 'Tumuaki' Proverbs 8 defender and protector/kaitiaki/guide of the faith, Gatekeeper of our Aotearoha 'Earth of Love'; our Spiritual umbilical Cord from Rangihou to Rangihoua; our Sacred Tupuna Wairua Bridge; to whom this presence shall come; Whereas Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku the third accepted the position of 'Tumuaki' for the Crown of the Mauri Nation & Aotearoha [New Zealand] 6th January 2021 in perpetuity; Ordained In Witness thereof IO Matua ;

Whereas Crown of the Mauri Nation, Chief Royal Order Tohunga ordained and declared the Crowning of 'Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III' in Private, a Sacred Infinity Authenticatus at Rangihou where the seas meet Rangihoua; by the Grace of Io Matua sealed with Crown Royal Accent 8th January 2021 as Monarch & Whakaruru (protector) of mana tangata/people, mana whenua/lands and all Crown assets; Ordained In Witness thereof IO Matua.

Further information only available to Live Life Claimants.