IO reclaims what belongs to IO.

4th day of February 2021.

Honour to Iho, that in the year 2021, At no time do Public Officials from any Government Corporation, have Loreful Lawful authority to cause further harm, injuries or deprivation to any Native Nation, especially Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa.

At no time are living breathing individuals, Property of the Government, especially a Government Corporation, trading insolvent as of September 2020; more so when all fiat currency is worthless.

Litigation comes against any Government Corporation, trading insolvent since September 2020, setting up Ngāpuhi Investment Fund for the benefit of Government, without written, prior, informed consent from, members of Whanau, Hapū and Iwi. Otherwise, Coercion from the Government Corporations is exactly that.

Acts and Statutes are not law. Acts and Statutes are not codified or entrenched in law.

October 2020, International Trust Agreements tabled before the oldest original Parliament in Australia, then registered for Jacinda Ardern, confirms Litigation since the year 1810, against Public Officials paid by Government Corporations.

Certain Government Public Officials laundering Public Monies, using te Reo Maori me Kupu Maori, need to stop these atrocities now. Named and Shamed: DirectCapital; Mainfreight; MaoriLandCourt; NgāPirihimanaOAotearoa; SERCO; TeOhuKaimoana; TRGroup and hundreds more.

There is no law for living breathing individuals, to pay Taxes, Rates, Levies, Duties, Infringement Notices etc to any Government Corporation. Ever. Taxes are for Corporations, not living breathing individuals, otherwise, trading time for dollars, is legal prostitution.

Every Government Corporation of Earth, listed with the Securities Exchange Commission in the United States are Foreign Administrations of Whenua, with no Loreful Lawful Authority to depredate from living breathing individuals, especially living breathing Native Nations, executing every Article of the UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION of the RIGHTS of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES-2007.

All Public Officials, Oath sworn of Government Corporations, trading insolvent, as of September 2020, commit Crimes of Fraud, Embezzlement, misappropriation of Funds, Insider Trading and Treason.

No Corporation can force another Corporation into receivership or liquidation.

Deliberate that last year, Caveats were placed on the Assets of CEOs then specific Government Corporations, not just on CEO of the Vatican / Bank. Deliberate that Government Corporations in Italy, Hong Kong and Germany have stepped down.

Deliberate that January 2020, Donald Trump filed for Bankruptcy while CEO as POTUS.

Recession = Public Notice of Liquidation as Collateral. Legal Commerce definition of Cession = All Contracts are Crystallised. Escrow Accounts are not lawful.

6th day of February 2021, Government Corporation, therefore, have the opportunity to return all Whenua and Resources, of Continent known as Zealandia, back to Native Nations o Aotearoa, with all associated Businesses, and all associated revenue since the year 1777.

Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa are loreful lawful Custodians and eternal Guardians of all Land and Natural Resources, of Continent Zealandia, especially all waterways, Land, Forestry, airspace and mining.

Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance, are not the only Shareholders of Ngāpuhi Investment Fund. Public Officials like Sarah Petersen, Ripeka Evans are without relevant qualifications in law as Australian High Court Judges, therefore incompetent at many levels.

Printed NZD $150 million dollars is counterfeit and worthless since 1948 - not backed by Gold when the Government Corporation is bankrupt since September 2020 - therefore any Payment amounts from all Government Corporations should be multiplied by 100,000 then equivalent payment in Bitcoins in the Blockchain - avoiding all counterfeit Cryptocurrency. Not possible or lawful to tax Crypto Assets, when Bitcoins in the Blockchain can not be regulated by any Government.

For our Ngāpuhi Whanau to accept the fictional pitiful amount of $150 million worthless fiat currency counterfeit, Andrew Little has legally settled the Claim for Ngāpuhi, using counterfeit, wherefore the Government as Perpetrators are also Judge, Jury and Legal Counsel. Read that again. Government Corporation has successfully deceived Whanau, Hapu and Iwi.

At no time do Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa, consent to Andrew Little, setting up any “Investment Fund” for the laundering of worthless counterfeit Monies, to Ngāpuhi Investment Fund, without written prior informed consent from all members of Whanau, Hapu and Iwi.

How does Andrew Judd explain New Plymouth District Council using Public Monies to acquire the largest Dairy Farm in Tasmania, Australia, when the fair and equitable decision, for New Plymouth District Council is to financially compensate since the year 1810, all Rates etc to Local Whanau, Hapu and Iwi into Discretionary Trusts unencumbered.

Regardless of Robert Muldoon selling Te Tiriti o Waitangi, in 1975, Whanau, Hapu me Iwi o Aotearoa, are not Property of the Government Corporation, therefore Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa, are not Paupers, therefore never need to be shackled as Wards to any State.

God said enough. We heard God the first time. 2021 Governments are redundant and irrelevant. Reclaim your Cestui Que Vie Trust from the Government ASAP, using an International Trust Agreement as a Treaty to live your birthright/ inheritance.

Liquidated Government Corporation trading insolvent as HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND must give back, what has been depredated for Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa, to be the Loreful Lawful Custodians and eternal Guardians.

Kahika, when translated from ancient Hebrew, means Honour בכבוד
There is no Honour amongst Thieves. Ever.

2021 = Concession without coercion. Conciliation without compromise. 

Honore kororia.
Mau nga Rongo ki te Whenua. ❤️