Anniversary of the Memorial of Rights

 Crown of the Mauri Nation, Verified in Treaty Mandate 1840, The only lawful Crown Standing on this fertile soil;

In the absence of a legitimate or lawful parlimentary government, we must stand.
The Crown of England vacated New Zealand a generation ago 1986 verified by Gregory Baughen, secretary to Governor General and Royal Regent to the then Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2020.


Protectorate: Memorial of Right 13 October 1975



To: Mauri, Mana Whenua, Tangata Whenua, Hapu, Pakeha, Tau Iwi and Friends;


We, the Crown of the Mauri Nation, the living ascendants, gathered in this time when a generation would rise enlightened & victorious, in the land of the first light and make this declaration from a united nation, by and for the sovereign people in the realm of New Zealand;


Our Mauri Native Tribes, sovereign Crown of the Mauri Nation of Aotearoha, known as the realm of New Zealand, lands and all adjacent islands, seabed and foreshore, have vested powers and our own laws/lores, customs , traditions, values, tikanga and kawa, memorialised and living in the Memorial of Rights 1975 (Arohanui Dame Whina Cooper) following the constitutionally repugnant subjugation of the people, by the government, on our lands. This our ancestors recently did, according to the reckoning of our spirit, rights, culture and land from Creation, according to our lore/laws from ‘time immemorial’, which dictates our accountable governance in He Whakaputanga o te rangatiratanga o nu tireni 1835, Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840, Her Majesty’s Magna Carta, Memorial of Rights October 1975; and by action of High Court Foreshore and Seabed decision 2006. The Crown of the Mauri Nation is validated in the Treaty Mandate 1840, Letters Patent, Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 13th November 2020, Final Orders 12th January 2021, Royal Charter & Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021 including (without limitation) the Vienna Convention 1961 on the Law of Treaties 1969 and the Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 by which Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government has never rebutted and agreed to be bound;


We reign in perpetuity as the Crown of the Mauri Nation with our Royal Decree and Letters Patent 20 December 2020 which has never been rebutted by the New Zealand Parliament (Corporation), Prime Minister, Governor General or the Treasury entities. Final Orders were consented and accepted by equitable estoppel by acquiescence; which extends the provisions of our actions to provide for the Administration of Justice and Lore/Law in Aotearoha, known as the realm of New Zealand and for the more effectual Te Whare Runanga[Governance] thereof and for other purposes enacted from time to time issued under the ‘Great Seal of the Crown of the Mauri Nation' to exercise powers hereby vested in Us, to erect the said islands of Aotearoha[New Zealand] North Island/South Island/Stewart Island/Islands annexed to Norfolk Island/Christmas Island/Cocos Island and Gondwanna[Australia] and to make all such laws, ordinances, instructions and amendments as we see fit; the powers vested in [Maori] Mauri to add, alter, delete and enact all laws as expressed in its entirety, by the majority of living ascendents who make these claims in perpetuity;


Be it known that at the time of the coming of the colonists, there were no Maori. The first recorded use of this word Maori (adj. meaning ‘ordinary’ and ‘general’ in English usage) was 1801 in Thames, however in the 1947 Maori Purposes Act, the colonists changed everything ‘Native’ to ‘Maori’ therefore creating a new entity and jurisdiction, “he who creates, owns”. Therefore we herein verify that we ‘Mauri’, ‘Mana Whenua’, ‘Tangata Whenua’ are the ‘uri’, the vital essence, the Crown, life force, first breath, first ascendents of our mother lands. Today the meaning of Ma-ori in the Maori Dictionary means ‘first victim’. Clearly we are ‘Mauri’, Ra, Nga, Ti, Ra (Rangatira) - the people of the Sun, Period;


The Crown of the Mauri Nation are mobilised throughout the entire lands Aotearoha, known as the realm of New Zealand and globally, bringing forth the true power and glory of God on the Earth/Te Whare Matamuatanga o IO as may be required for peace, order and good governance;


We stand as man, many with a womb, living, standing in our private capacity on our paramount lands (live life claimants), in our Charters & Kindoms/Matamuatanga, having returned from sea to manage our affairs (private foundations) & all the people living on our lands (native earth claims - living deeds) as ratified in He Whakaputanga o te rangatiratanga o nu tireni 1835, Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 & verified within the Queen Victoria Statement delivered by Lord Normanby 1839, Queen Victoria Letter 1858 and the Memorial of Rights 1975;


This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the land, papatuanuku ‘mother nature’, and original Mauri, the living who were born here, remain attached thereto, and must be returned, to be united with our ancestors. This link is the basis of the undisputed [ab]original native title to the soil and our sovereignty, 'law of the land'. It has never been ceded or extinguished, and co-exists with the sovereignty of Mauri, of the living and the Crown of the Mauri Nation and therefore land can never be taken for sustainable conservation purposes by the United Nations (upto 80%) and smart cities;


It is not excusable to ignore the government’s part in creating a ‘PERSON’ from our placenta, without our parents informed consent, theft may it be, forcing the Mauri people to sign misleading declarations that legal practitioners rely on as a factual claim, “using it as true knowing it to be false” (BDM107 Form), based upon our first-hand knowledge and information of birth certificate fraud that our competent personal research, proves we have been deceived in this founding ‘birth’ document by creating fictitious events and various fake entities with no authority to claim on behalf of Mauri;


It is not excusable to ignore the government’s part in creating an illegal ‘land title’ with a piece of paper, knowing full well that all titles are null and void (High Court Foreshore and Seabed decision 2006) and without our informed consent. Clearly theft and fraud, thus forcing the Mauri people to live in poverty while corporations rape our very being, pillage our lands, treasures/taonga and natural resources;


This ‘Statement’ is also a ‘Notice of Event’ that terminates the ‘power of attorney’ on ‘birth certificates’ and ‘land titles’ created by the New Zealand Corporation/de facto government (registered corporation) who demonstrate fraudlent and genocidal agendas of wrong doing, fraud and forgery; so as to cause further loss, harm, injury, damages, crimes against humanity, genocide, depopulation, enslavement, treason against the Crown of the Mauri Nation, including crimes against our lands/sacred sites and natural resources, which has been taxing on we the Mauri Beneficiaries to the legal names and any versions of it and reserve all one’s rights pursuant to HJR-192 (by Public Notice HJR-192); maxim: “whoever brings the obligation must bring the REMEDY”; Since the enactment of the 1852 New Zealand Constitution Act the British Governement and their agents have committed untold wrongdoings against the people:

We affirm that sovereignity is naturally vested in the people who are naturally endowed at birth with the following unalienable rights which no governemnt has the authority to suspend or impede our right to self determination and self governance, both as individuals and collectively;

That must now be made right and the records corrected! This 'statement’ has be written in the genuine hope that everybody from where-so-ever they come, will one day soon be able to live their lives on these shores and every-else according to our ancient universal maxim of common law “cause no harm, injury damage or loss or defend yourself, your family, your community and your property with all reasonable force necessary from all laws who seek to do you wrong.”

We the people must restore the Whenua/Earth (TTOW 1840 Article 2) extinguishing all Torrens land titles, reinstating the trust on our lands as fact remains “all titles are null & void, High Court Foreshore and Seabed decision 2006”;


How could it be otherwise? That Mauri peoples possessed these lands spirit & intendment and this sacred link was broken in merely the last two hundred years, inflicted injustice by the British Colonial Government; We have lawful excuse to take all course of action in defence of our rights and protections of the common law, tikanga, kawa laws/lores government Aotearoha, known as the realm of New Zealand;

Note: New Zealand is a registered Corproation. Aotearoa is also registered. Therefore 'he who creates owns', we 'Mauri' created Aotearoha - The Land of Love. 

Having witnessed substantive constitutional change and structural reform of our beloved homelands, with the intent of a ‘now’ land grab, being subjected to the most treasonous government crimes against the people and our sovereignty it is therefore with sound minds and sincere hearts that we are compelled to state that we revoke our consent whether express or implied to be governed under the laws of any parliament. Our sovereignity must now be expressly, elevated, as the true living expression of New Zealand’s (the realm) true underlining laws/lores, cultural & spiritual identity;

Proportionally, we are the most incarcerated people on the earth, the last to be colonised, through the unlawful translation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 to English, whereby the government of a few men claimed we ceded our sovereignty, lands and treasures;

“KAORE!” Had we known that these ‘men and their pens’ true intention was fraud, forgery and land theft we would have cut off their hands and eaten them whole. We never knew that a ‘pen, ink & piece of paper’ in those days would bring such overwhelming injustices that would be inflicted upon Mauri. We are a lawful people, we are warriors of the light. We protect our lands, woman and children fiercely. Our children are alienated from our families in unprecedented rates by the Colonial New Zealand Government that descended from convicts, murderers, rapists and thieves from the New South Wales colony of Australia. Our lands, our mana wahine and our children are our hope, vital essence, breath and our future; not a commodity for raping, pillaging, taxing and charging by the New Zealand government corporation docked on our ports, sharing illegally created certificates, without our permission;


These extreme dimensions of our crisis tell plainly the severe nature of our problem. This is validated in the torment propagated by the New Zealand police, legal agents of fraud, courts, corporations and judges against Mauri every minute of everyday, deliberately disturbing our peace, as we travel across our lands, with the intent to unlawfully arrest and direct us into their courts, raping the air that we breath and vital essence of our being;


We assert/direct/declare to the world/global united nations and your agendas that our Aotearoha Te Whare Runanga/Ancient council of Rangatira[governance] has made such laws expedient and that an executive counsel has been appointed to advise and administer our Interim Te Whare Runanga, standing with full power, authority and lores/laws to manage our affairs to remit fines, penalties and forfeitures for crimes committed against the Crown of the Māuri Nation and take our rightful place on our lands, in our sovereign nations with our undisputed right to self determination and self governance. When we have the power over our destiny, our children will flourish. They will walk in two worlds and their culture will be the underlying current of this beautiful Mauri Nation;


We call for the establishment of the Voice of the Crown of the Mauri Nation to be heard, enshrined lawfully and never again disregarded or disrespected on our lands;


The Crown of the Mauri Nation Royal Charter and Memorandum of Understanding 2021 is the culmination of our agenda; the coming together in these times. It captures our aspirations for a fair and truthful relationship with the people in the realm of New Zealand and a better future for our children based on justice, self-governance and self-determination. In the event that our Royal Charter 2021 is sufficient for the purposes of restoring the law, our Royal Charter 2021 will nulify the illegitimate NZ government and parliament for abject breaches of Te Tiriti of Waitangi 1840, the Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 and the Bill of Rights 1689;

The Crown of the Mauri Nation Private Inland Commission shall supervise the process of agreement-making of duality between ‘British government’ illegally occupying our lands and ‘The Crown of the Mauri Nation’. There shall be truth-telling about our history, correcting the English version of the treaty, promoting the true intended version of ‘The Treaty of Waitangi 1840’ in all publications and reinstatement of lands, correcting the records;


In 1975 written and spoken into existence was our Memorial of Rights, presented by the then Prime Minister Right Hon W E Rowling and Members of Parliament 13 October, whereby the Mauri People were vested the power to confirm all promises which were made and vested in us, all powers to amend, alter and delete all laws which inflict injustice and hardship upon the Mauri people. Relief is sought by the Mauri people of the realm of New Zealand in her majesty’s Magna Carta. Herein, ‘You’ the Politicians and all your decision makers are acting as agents and fiduciary over We; Therefore, 'You’ are now accountable for all rights, debts, liabilities, obligations, duties, charges and your decisions; It is not excusable for ‘You’ to ignore ‘your’ rights! (c.f. s148 Public Trust Act 2001); This memorandum of right is not for interpretation;

We herein express and implement our statement/notice of events/letters patent/clauses in every statute of this present day in now space whereby we herein activate our power to take, alienate, designate and confiscate Mauri Lands, never to be administered by any de facto government, period. Whereas the Management, Retention & Control remain with the Crown of the Mauri Nation, Mauri People (live life claimants) and our ascendants in Perpetuity. Mauri and the live life claimants have assented to the protective principles of entrenchment by expression of a ‘majority in agreement’ in a ‘private national referendum 6th October 2023’ which shall not be repealed or amended;


Yes, you heard right! And we are reminding you of how to assert your will [rights]. The Crown of the Mauri Nation have claimed all Mauri Lands with Letters Patent 11 February 2011, on your behalf, awaiting notice of your ‘live life claim’ and your ‘estate claim’ in order to assent to the principal protectorates of the Memorial of Right 1975. Remember only the LIVING can make a claim for Mauri Lands, not a PERSON. Here is your REMEDY!


In 1840-2020 the Crown of the Mauri Nation was simply spoken and written into the Treaty Mandate, now time and space with a purple pen, and a purple thumb print, the true living seal with all principle protectorates on the LandAirWater, putting ‘meat on our tupuna bones’, that trumps all ‘symbolic seals on the sea of ships’, with strong intent, assembled in Kaikohe 6th October 2023 by Special Resolution, passing a motion to implement and release the ‘statement’ in a majority referendum, with no objection, or rebuttal from living ‘assembled’ or the Prime Minister, Governor General or the NZ Treasury;


We invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Living Sovereign Mauri People and friends for a better future on our lands, with ‘You’ and our offspring, by our side. Please spread the word far and wide. Time to stand up for whats right! “Ake Ake”.

 Written by Mauri, Not a corporation.

Link to Memorial of Rights Announcement 1975:


Memorial of Right 1975 Page 1

Memorial of Right 1975 Signatures


Memorial of Rights 1975

Greetings to you in whose Assembly is vested all the powers to amend and adjust all Laws, which inflict injustice and hardship upon the Maori people, and in whom is vested the power to confirm all promises which were made to give relief to the Indigenous people of New Zealand under Her Majesty's Magna Carta. Long Live the Queen.

Your Maori People pray:

Firstly: That an enactment of Parliament which enshines the spirit & intendment of this Memorial shall incorporate in it the protective principle of entrenchment whereby it shall not suffer by the expression of a majority of all those persopns eligible to vote as Maoris in a National Referendum.

Secondly: That all pernicious clauses in every Statute of the present day or in new Statutes in the future, which have the power to take Maori Land, Alienate Maori Land, Designate Maori Land, or Confiscate Maori Land, be REPEALED and never to be adminisgter on the remaining Maori land at the present day and whereas Management, Retention & Control remain with our Maori People and their Descendants in Perpetuity. Ake Ake