The regent is just an agent when the Crown is absent. Parliament is only an agent because the Crown hasn’t stepped up into their rightful place. But… The Crown of the Mauri Nation is Standing. What they did in 1835 is they created a Global Asset Trust through a Crown by capturing everyone’s Crown. They created this Global Asset Trust to have control over all the resources and this operates under the double tax agreements. All the evidence shows this for as long as you are using that name on the birth certificate that was introduced through the 1808 Act. It doesn’t matter whether everyone’s Crown is labeled by nationality, culture, race, creed or any other label. It's designed to keep us separated from who we really are “The Crown”. Even our own tikanga (lores) separates us from the Crown. In this program He wakaputanga, article 1, formally declares we are the Crown, the Tino Rangatira and also the sovereign, declared in article II, which is our sovereignty in the Rangatira being the name on the birth certificate. Everyone's fighting for their sovereignty, not realising that they already have it, they just have to throw away the PERSON and put on their CROWN. The Crown of the Mauri Nation void the New Zealand Parliament, void the New Zealand Government and void any agent administering anyone’s sovereignty.