Kia ora Private Claimants, Crown &: Friends,

Publication: New Video Coming, Exemption Letter Available, Stay Tuned

~1: Exemption from Vaccination, Quarantine, PCR Test, Face Masks and Restricted Travel just released for Australia and New Zealand. United States of America is next.


~2: Claim of Right for No Consent to Vaccinations available

~3: Sea-Pass-Treaty for the Claimants: Postmaster Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III. Available

~4: Maja Jingki Burra has accepted the position of Monarch for the Crown of the Originee Nation. 28th January 2021. Exciting times ahead for future alliances with the Kingdoms and Tribal Suv’eran Nations of the Earth.

~5: Caution: Russell J Gould was tested and did not perform VOID PERFORMANCE in returning the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust as he claims he is the Comptroller, Solitary Owner and Beneficiary. He is now sending out slanderous messages around the world people don’t conform with him. All Purple Thumb Community Claimants are the Copy-Right-Now-Space/Copy-Claim holders of their live life claims. All Purple Thumb Community Claimants are in control of their own vessel. At no time would the Purple Thumb Community take that from you as Russell J Gould does on all his live life claims.

~6: Aotearoha Flags and Stamps will soon be available.

~7: Face Mask Exemption Cards also available for anyone in the world.

Stay Tuned for Coming News