The Supreme ‘He Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni’ (Declaration of Independence 1820-1835 in perpetuity) declares the unincorporated nature of the ‘motu’, Nu Tireni claims right of self-defense and self determination for the lands (Rangatira Hapu Assembly).

The Rangatira claimed their air (global), soil and land (national), and sea (international) jurisdictions by natural right in the same way that individual people have the right to self-defense.

The Unanimous Declaration of Independence published 1835 by James Busby declares the nation-states (people plus soil within prescribed boundaries).

Each Rangatira issues its own non-enumerated declaration defining their region.

The Rangatira combined forces to fight the Revolutionary War and chose a name: “Nu Tireni” for their unincorporated union on 28 October 1835.

Nu Tireni (unincorporated) is fully sovereign; it functions as a Holding Company for the hapu regions. The new hapu regions had plenary jurisdiction over the soil and via Nu Tireni, claim to their international and global jurisdictions, too.

Key Points:
(1) Our unincorporated hapu regions are formed by a declaration not by constitutions;
(2) Nu Tireni (unincorporated) is the first union formed by our nation Rangatira.
(3) Nu Tireni is the Proper Name of our country in international terms and exercises the sovereign (that is, unincorporated) power of the nation-regions. All power flows from the people to the hapu to the regions to Nu Tireni (unincorporated) and thence to federal subsidiaries.
(4) Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 ‘the treaty’ formed 50/50 partners; the Crown of the Mauri Nation & the Crown of England.
(5) 1986 the Crown of England vacated the treaty and vacated Nu Tireni/New Zealand (unincorporated).
(6) 2021 New Zealand (unincorporated) jurisdiction and authority was usurped by the Crown of the Mauri Nation, Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III, Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 13th November 2020 & Letters Patent 18th January 2021.
(7) Nu Tireni/Aotearoa/New Zealand (unincorporated) status is Aoteraoha Letters Patent 18th January 2021.

he whakaputanga