A Charter (unincorporated) is a location (one square kilometre) for live life claimants to moor/anchor their vessel on the land, having returned on the sea lane, from being lost at sea; to be alive on the land. The Charter is a group of people who act together in a common enterprise and for a common purpose and interests, such as; lores/laws; lands, claims, governance, wellbeing, foundations, families etc. It is not registered in the government system -[It’s the opposite of a council]. ******* The Kaitiaki (unincorporated) is the live life claimant that initiated the Charter. It is strictly a Kaitiaki role. The kaitiaki of the charter can change if the Kaitiaki has vacated the charter. The residing charter live life claimants would hold a meeting and pass special resolutions to nominate another kaitiaki for the role. The minutes would be sent to the Crown of the Mauri Nation to change the record. ******* The Private Foundation/s (unincorporated) operate individually and collectively within the charters. A Private Foundation (unincorporated) is a community enterprise – private, philanthropic, humanitarian, community service, tax-exempt, not for profit. It is not registered in the government system - [It’s the opposite of a corporate business]. The structure of the roles will only ever be Principal, Participant, Volunteer for doing private business. ******* The principal means private natural men and women who are committed to the purpose of the foundation and its associates. The foundation will seek to enjoy the safe harbour and peaceful enjoyment while providing a service at peace with the broader community to further its spiritual work. The primary purpose and objectives of the Foundation are to provide benevolent and philanthropic services to the community and to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate sustainable projects. The purpose of the Foundation applies equally to providing a service or product to all humanity and the general public globally, irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, creed, religion or gender.