A Charter (unincorporated) is a location (one square kilometre) for live life claimants to moor/anchor their vessel on the land, having returned on the sea lane, from being lost at sea; to be alive on the land. The Charter is a group of people who act together in a common enterprise and for a common purpose and interests, such as; lores/laws; lands, claims, governance, wellbeing, foundations, families etc. It is not registered in the government system -[It’s the opposite of a council]. ******* The Kaitiaki (unincorporated) is the live life claimant that initiated the Charter. It is strictly a Kaitiaki role. The kaitiaki of the charter can change if the Kaitiaki has vacated the charter. The residing charter live life claimants would hold a meeting and pass special resolutions to nominate another kaitiaki for the role. The minutes would be sent to the Crown of the Mauri Nation to change the record. ******* The Private Foundation/s (unincorporated) operate individually and collectively within the charters. A Private Foundation (unincorporated) is a community enterprise – private, philanthropic, humanitarian, community service, tax-exempt, not for profit. It is not registered in the government system - [It’s the opposite of a corporate business]. The structure of the roles will only ever be Principal, Participant, Volunteer for doing private business. ******* The principal means private natural men and women who are committed to the purpose of the foundation and its associates. The foundation will seek to enjoy the safe harbour and peaceful enjoyment while providing a service at peace with the broader community to further its spiritual work. The primary purpose and objectives of the Foundation are to provide benevolent and philanthropic services to the community and to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate sustainable projects. The purpose of the Foundation applies equally to providing a service or product to all humanity and the general public globally, irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, creed, religion or gender.
All government Acts point to administering the PERSON. Purple Thumb Live Life Claimant is not a PERSON. Use your Purple Thumb Live Life Claim to prove to any agent that they cannot administer 'The Crown' as you are not a PERSON.
No Council Rates: Mauri (Originee-Aboriginal) have Inherent Native Rights and Authority. You do not have to pay land rates. Download the template and use it with any government council in New Zealand. LINK & EVIDENCE: https://www.mauricrown.org/taonga-tikanga-kawa
WILL AND TRUST: He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni 1835 [declaration of Independence] is a will and trust deed executed by the Grantors. All grantors were centralised into 'The Crown (Tino Rangatira). BLOODLINE: Article 1, who signed the 1835 declaration. One chief, the central representative chosen by the colonial officers provided the ancient bloodline enabling the Colonial regime to globally capture all living people as at 28 October 1835, thus constituting the interests of the Grantors into trusts ready for administration by currently the de facto regime in fee simple. REMEDY: Article 2. Living beneficiaries (Live Life Claimant), of the original 1835 trust estate (Mauri) to stand as 'The Crown' (Crown of the Mauri Nation) and to declare their alive (mana tangata) and standing on the land (mana whenua). SOLUTION: The Crown of the Mauri Nation standing with inherent native authority qualifies the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust being returned.
The regent is just an agent when the Crown is absent. Parliament is only an agent because the Crown hasn’t stepped up into their rightful place. But… The Crown of the Mauri Nation is Standing. What they did in 1835 is they created a Global Asset Trust through a Crown by capturing everyone’s Crown. They created this Global Asset Trust to have control over all the resources and this operates under the double tax agreements. All the evidence shows this for as long as you are using that name on the birth certificate that was introduced through the 1808 Act. It doesn’t matter whether everyone’s Crown is labeled by nationality, culture, race, creed or any other label. It's designed to keep us separated from who we really are “The Crown”. Even our own tikanga (lores) separates us from the Crown. In this program He wakaputanga, article 1, formally declares we are the Crown, the Tino Rangatira and also the sovereign, declared in article II, which is our sovereignty in the Rangatira being the name on the birth certificate. Everyone's fighting for their sovereignty, not realising that they already have it, they just have to throw away the PERSON and put on their CROWN. The Crown of the Mauri Nation void the New Zealand Parliament, void the New Zealand Government and void any agent administering anyone’s sovereignty.


Kia ora Private Claimants, Crown &: Friends,

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~1: Exemption from Vaccination, Quarantine, PCR Test, Face Masks and Restricted Travel just released for Australia and New Zealand. United States of America is next.

Researching for an associate; New South Wales Contempt of court is applicable only to the person... not the Crown or the Crown in Right Local Court Act 2007 s(1) The Court has, if it is alleged, or appears to the Court on its own view, that a person is guilty of contempt of court committed in the face of the Court or in the hearing of the Court, the same powers as the District Court has in those circumstances.

1858 letter of request—rangatira law makers. 1858 letter of request from queen victorias representative. The governor’s letter to the maori people of new zealand

To my friends,to the rangatira the law makers, and to every person of maori descent, right throughout these entire lands. Greetings to you all. Pay attention.in times past this land was closed due to badness, sadness and wrongdoing. There was no-one to maintain order and no-one to take care of wrong-doing. Over a period of time the missionaries arrived. They spoke to you the words of god. You looked at the goodness of the words the missionaries brought you. You found them sweet. You embraced them. You took the teachings for yourselves, these teachings of the faith. That is why the majority of badness ceased in this land. In regard to the missionaries, they preached to you first. Secondly, they taught you how to read. After that they translated the scriptures of god into maori, sent them off to the press and released them out to you all for consideration by that one and that one.

A land patent is a form of letters patent assigning official ownership of a particular tract of land which has gone through various legally pro-scribed processes – such as surveying and documentation, followed by the letters signing, sealing, and publishing in public records – made by a sovereign entity ‘the Crown’. A land patent and letters patent is permanent It is the highest evidence of right, title, and interest to a defined area. It is usually granted by a central, federal, or state government to an individual, partnership, trust or private company. The land patent is not to be confused with a land grant. Patented lands may be lands previously granted by a sovereign authority in return for services rendered or accompanying a title or otherwise bestowed gratis, or they may be lands privately purchased by a government, individual, or legal entity from their prior owners. "Patent" is both a process and a term. As a process it is somewhat parallel to gaining a patent for intellectual property, including the steps of uniquely defining the property at issue, filing, processing, and granting. "letters patent" is known in law, and usually issues to the original grantee and to their heirs and assigns forever. The patent stands as supreme title to the land because it attests that all evidence of title existent before its issue date was reviewed by the sovereign authority under which it was sealed and was so sealed as irrefutable; thus, at law the letters patent itself so becomes the title to the land defined within its four corners. In practice, the "irrefutability" of counter-claims is relative; however, once a patent is granted permanence of title is established.

Royal commands "avail all the aid" “thus would the way be prepared for confiding to the people the trust of jurymen, in like manner as to the chiefs of congress that of legislators, when a generation should arise sufficiently enlightened and virtuous to the capable of those high functions. His majesty's government, the resident would be able to avail himself of all the aid which the information and experience of the whole body of missionaries and of settlers generally could afford.”

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